Effectively Remove Odors From Your Home or Office

Effectively Remove Odors From Your Home or Office

Odor removal services in Sacramento & Folsom, CA

Have you ever walked into your home or office and thought to yourself, "What's that smell?" Over time, pet odors, smoke, mold, chemicals and other smells can accumulate. Even when you're vacuuming regularly, it can be challenging to remove lingering odors that have settled deep in the fibers of your carpet or upholstery. If an odor is refusing to leave your residential or commercial property, rely on Clean Pro Carpet Care in Sacramento, CA to:

•Bring the right products and equipment
•Showcase their knowledge and training to tackle odor
•Locate and destroy the odor source
•Clean the area that was damaged

Get rid of your odors today

Depending on the size of the room you want to remove odors from, Clean Pro Carpet Care offers professional odor removal services for $10 or $20 per room. Schedule a consultation and avoid further odor saturation by calling 916-364-5007 today! We'll provide you with a free estimate and get started on your project right away.